Web Mail Disclaimer

All City of Las Vegas information systems exist solely for the storage, processing and communication of official information. The City’s systems and equipment are subject to monitoring to ensure proper functioning, to protect against unauthorized use, and to verify the presence and performance of security features. Every person using this system will be regarded as having expressly consented to such monitoring. If monitoring reveals evidence of unauthorized use or of criminal activity, a report will be made to the appropriate management or law enforcement authorities. Unauthorized attempts by City employees to access data will result in severe discipline, including termination, and any person unlawfully accessing City systems or attempting to modify the City’s electronic records will be prosecuted criminally.

Remote access to City of Las Vegas computer and e-mail systems is provided as a courtesy to our employees. If you are overtime eligible (non-exempt), you may only access this system with the approval of your supervisor and all time spent remotely accessing the system must be recorded on your timecard as paid time. Failure to properly record your time on your timecard may result in disciplinary action.